The Open Phonebook

We want to help create a new, modern phonebook for the United States.


The traditional phonebook is long dead - killed by the advent of the internet and an explosion in unlisted cell phones.

But what's replaced it? A disparate collection of listings across hundreds of websites (most of which are spammy), and a highly commercial people search industry intent on making you pay to look up caller information.

At the same time, spam call volume has exploded in recent years - leaving people frustrated with more calls from unknown numbers, and nowhere reliable to look them up for free.

A Phonebook For The Modern Age

We're aiming to become that reliable resource. A place where people can look up callers for free, quickly spot scams, and find the information they need.

Here's just a few of the ways we're doing it:

Verified Listings

We verify the ownership of all the caller ID information we list - so we know we're showing the most reliable information available.

Privacy First

Control whether your number is listed, whether you name is abbreviated, and whether social features are enabled for your number.

Social Features To Identify Scammers

From our research we've found that social-crowdsourced features are one of the most effective ways to identify scams. Quickly see how many others have recieved suspicious calls, and read user comments to find out exactly what's going on.

Clean And Ad Free

We're focused on showing clean, clear helpful information to users - and we think ads get in the way of that.

We're Just Getting Started

Watch this space for an upcoming mobile app, future investment in more data, and much more.