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Latest Activity


The number belongs to a teenage girl named Kameron. She is a dancer (classical, ballet/tap/jaz)

11:19 Wed 21 Oct 2020


used my name' my order has been sent to me and you can edit the required data so FAr;'

22:31 Tue 20 Oct 2020


Debt Collector, Spam, Scam

20:38 Tue 20 Oct 2020


Keeps calling. Does not leave message.

02:12 Tue 20 Oct 2020


Scammer -back braces - medicare - robocalls 20= TIMES A DAY

19:55 Mon 19 Oct 2020



17:32 Mon 19 Oct 2020


Asked to speak to someone who lived at this number 8 years ago. Responded with she had the wrong number.

14:59 Mon 19 Oct 2020


Scammer, pretense of charity organization. Fakes accounts on social media to catfish.

21:12 Sun 18 Oct 2020


Missed called, but this area code and first 3 number have called numerous times and since I didn't recognize the number as a friend or wasn't in my phone file I not pick up. I have found out since its a mobile number with Fido

02:56 Sun 18 Oct 2020


Somebody called with a feble voice asking for help. A different women took the phone and said, "Wrong number." and then hung up.

23:07 Fri 16 Oct 2020


She was calling about Medicare; hung up the phone at that point.

19:10 Fri 16 Oct 2020


If you or a loved one have used Johnson and Johnson Powder..... It's a scam

17:13 Fri 16 Oct 2020


My phone auto blocked it as a likely spam call.

17:04 Fri 16 Oct 2020


Text came in showing partial number. No Message

14:29 Fri 16 Oct 2020


scam caller fake voip of a fraudulent company claiming they do animation and marketing

07:29 Fri 16 Oct 2020


youthful voice. "wellness check" asked for name and address.

04:02 Fri 16 Oct 2020


Representative from FirstLoan

20:12 Thu 15 Oct 2020


This is a robo-call. Every time I block it I receive a robo-call within days from a similar number. They keep calling and calling, they won't stop.

17:29 Thu 15 Oct 2020