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Told me I had the it's going to put out a warrant for my arrests! I of course have no clue what this is and assume it's a fraudulent call.I am really getting tired of this kind of stuff happening.

22:08 Fri 22 Jun 2018


They said they where the irs. I had 24 hours to call if not I was going to jail.

20:19 Fri 22 Jun 2018


calls leaves no message, neusance

19:19 Fri 22 Jun 2018


The caller asked me if I wanted to sell my house. I told them what I wanted the most was for them to place me on their Do Not Call List.

19:18 Fri 22 Jun 2018


robo caller selling junk to old people

12:12 Fri 22 Jun 2018


IRS scam, do not call them back. The IRS will never call you!

01:01 Fri 22 Jun 2018


Keeps leaving msgs to my phone saying “Stop calling me.” I never called this number in my life, I have NO CLUE who this person is and I know Nobody in New Boston, NH

23:19 Thu 21 Jun 2018


missed call and no voice mail.... suspect scammer as I receive a lot of scam calls from 703-939 exchange

17:04 Thu 21 Jun 2018


missed call

16:59 Thu 21 Jun 2018


missed call

16:58 Thu 21 Jun 2018



16:40 Thu 21 Jun 2018


useless website

00:31 Thu 21 Jun 2018


said...That they are an officer with the US Treasary Dept. ,they leave a badge number,say its about a fraud case being filed under my name.I need to contact them,ASAP!

21:17 Wed 20 Jun 2018


They have called me twice a day for four days. I do not answer calls not listed in my phone.

20:35 Wed 20 Jun 2018


caller stated he was from IRS and owed money and if I didn't pay it, he was going to send federal agents to arrest me. I told him to send the federal agents. Caller stated that he was going to come over and slap me, and rape me.

18:54 Wed 20 Jun 2018


scam caller. Tried steeling my credit card but bank declined them. Should be in jail

17:51 Wed 20 Jun 2018


Calls but doesn't leave a message or identification. Must be a scam.

15:33 Wed 20 Jun 2018


No message. Now blocked.

12:52 Wed 20 Jun 2018