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Latest Activity


sounded like a woman missing teeth

04:04 Tue 19 Mar 2019


The person for this number is a scammer. They are telling people they are from the Social security administration. People beware of this number.

20:12 Mon 18 Mar 2019


Harassing call stating they are looking for someone you have no knowledge of. State that they are removing your name and never do because you have a published number for over 50 years! We are not changing our number!

02:53 Sat 16 Mar 2019


robo call

23:21 Fri 15 Mar 2019


Caller ID appears as async; claim to be calling about VISA

19:04 Fri 15 Mar 2019


this is "Affordable health care" in 2 days I have been called 29 times from( AHC) using 15 different numbers, all from 704 area code and 550, 3140--3352, I block 1 number, they call on different one, this has been going on for ???weeks,

13:47 Fri 15 Mar 2019


Robo call

18:35 Thu 14 Mar 2019


asked them to stop calling. This increased the number of calls. I opted out to receive calls per the automated message still getting calls

15:17 Thu 14 Mar 2019


Claiming I have a 6 digit lump sum from a member of a family that awaits me, if I don't claim it by Wed, assets will be given to the state. site given, upon going to this site all you get is a mass amount of sell pitch/advertisements trying to sell you something

06:14 Wed 13 Mar 2019


Estas personas me estan llamando por una demanda y dicen ser la corte de Washington DC, para que les pague un dinero que supuestamente les adeudo, queria saber si eran estafadores de oficio

18:38 Tue 12 Mar 2019


Robo Call claiming to be the Warranty Department claiming my vehicle warranty is about to run out.

15:44 Tue 12 Mar 2019


no info yet

23:21 Sun 10 Mar 2019



21:33 Fri 08 Mar 2019


I love you and miis u still.and thing of you everday still , just want you yo no I still in love with you I cant be I any one I hope u can. I love you for ever/ xo

20:20 Fri 08 Mar 2019


This number is a an IRS scam!! They say they are officers working with investigative department for fraud claims with IRS. I asked several questions and they hung up and blocked me. They never told me my name or the person they was trying to call.

15:39 Thu 07 Mar 2019


this number called me at 4:30 a.m. about a Microsoft 10 refund. I am not pleased.

16:06 Tue 05 Mar 2019


cant call it back says the number Is incorrect

21:51 Mon 04 Mar 2019


tried to get information; bossy and rude

19:21 Mon 04 Mar 2019