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Latest Activity


Message says it's Chase*Accounts with my cell number. Required...

19:56 Sat 16 Oct 2021


Here is the text of message left-"Order to connect federal agent, press one, and you will be connected to the concerned Department. If we don't hear from you, then we will be forced to take legal action against you can press one and you will be connected to the concern CBP officer."

21:58 Fri 15 Oct 2021


I just received text saying my Chade account has been locked…. Scam… I have no Chase accounts.

20:15 Fri 15 Oct 2021


Got a text that said my Citizens online account was locked. and a link to click on...I did not click. Definitely a scammer.

17:45 Fri 15 Oct 2021


Cheryl is the owner of this phone I am helping here to try and find this device has been stolen and we are trying to locate it or who may have it number is 2082198365

14:59 Fri 15 Oct 2021


Number called me and I didn’t speak and neither do they for about 12 seconds it was silence then they hung up .

14:45 Fri 15 Oct 2021


Automated number then to legal apartment and answered Afganistan Military Force. Block this number!!!

22:16 Thu 14 Oct 2021


SCAM. Do not send money. Fake family emergency scam.

20:35 Thu 14 Oct 2021


This number called me during lunch hour and it rang the full amount of rings but I never picked up. Seems sketch.

20:13 Thu 14 Oct 2021


Hate that you want to charge me $5.99 for you service.

16:05 Thu 14 Oct 2021


Major asshole.

20:40 Wed 13 Oct 2021


repeated calls

19:02 Wed 13 Oct 2021


Scam call forwards to rag heads wanting social security number.

19:02 Wed 13 Oct 2021


The number look looked familiar, but I couldn't recall. I answered and said Hello. No one said anything. So I hung up. I believe it's the number belonging to my old job.

18:31 Wed 13 Oct 2021


Received text saying they were running a credit check on me

18:20 Wed 13 Oct 2021


got a text saying my chase account locked-I DO NOT have a Chase account or any credit cards with Chase or branded cards-directed me to a very strange link-obviously bad

16:30 Wed 13 Oct 2021


auto warranty scam caller

16:19 Wed 13 Oct 2021


Apparently received an e-transfer.

09:59 Wed 13 Oct 2021