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Latest Activity


Answered the called. I said, Hellow. Twice with no responce. I hung up.

20:53 Wed 02 Dec 2020


they phone every day, I don't answer unknown callers, usually scammers ! They are a pest !

21:06 Tue 01 Dec 2020


Number found in hacked bank account used to reset password. Very Dangerous.

23:20 Sun 29 Nov 2020


Convicted felon scamming unsuspecting victims

03:24 Fri 27 Nov 2020


i refused to asnwer..

18:43 Thu 26 Nov 2020


Called, ask to speak with me by name and hung up.

21:35 Wed 25 Nov 2020


Hang up caller, leaves no message, annoying!

20:02 Wed 25 Nov 2020


Just wanted to know if this was a call I was expecting

17:10 Wed 25 Nov 2020


text message stated from netflex- Scam!

18:17 Mon 23 Nov 2020


Sending tex messages stating a love one has past using their names and location where they past

13:30 Mon 23 Nov 2020


When I answer the phone to 505-257–8975. I said hello no response just hung up. When I called back a voicemail came on said you have reached the voicemail of Stephanie Sedinberg.

23:20 Fri 20 Nov 2020



16:18 Fri 20 Nov 2020


I suspect this is to repair my electric furnace but they left no voicemail

16:56 Thu 19 Nov 2020


wanted to sue for something have no idea what they are talking about

20:03 Wed 18 Nov 2020


Se devolvió la llamada pero sale grabadora indicando dicho núm está desconectado.

12:18 Wed 18 Nov 2020


Im not going to pay a bunch of crooks that's calling me to get me to pay them to find out who they are = I use the FCC.

20:42 Mon 16 Nov 2020


text only 2545925045@mm

20:52 Sat 14 Nov 2020


caller wants money through cash app

03:17 Sat 14 Nov 2020