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Latest Activity


Suspected Fraudulent / Scam Leaves a message that my social security number is suspected I'm fraudulent activity and I need to contact immediately. Threatens that other legal recourse will be taken against me if I don't call them back.

17:36 Tue 25 Feb 2020


Just another FUCKING BULL SHIT SPAM caller

16:37 Tue 25 Feb 2020


The number of the phone that someone called me on is: 318-771-6025. I have no idea who the idiot is that called and didn't say anything. Thank you. JO

14:56 Tue 25 Feb 2020



22:38 Mon 24 Feb 2020


somebody called me

20:16 Mon 24 Feb 2020


person asked if i was on my way and to not forget condoms lmao

15:28 Mon 24 Feb 2020


called at 3:34 in the morning, hung up when answering machine kicked in

09:59 Mon 24 Feb 2020


Got a ticket master scam call using this number

07:44 Mon 24 Feb 2020


Nigerian romance scammer. Trolls on Pinterest; requests you switch to Google Hangout or WhatsApp and uses this number

22:31 Fri 21 Feb 2020


robo call telling me they were going to automatically debit me if i don't respond to their call to renew my computer protection plan.

22:04 Fri 21 Feb 2020



20:58 Thu 20 Feb 2020


Answered and didn't hear anyone on the line then caller hung up

19:21 Thu 20 Feb 2020


Called from 205-286-2282 (Google Voice number) and 720-515-9356 (cell?). 9 calls in 2 minutes, then texts using my name saying to call "ASAP". When I called he would not give me his name nor his company name and just kept saying things like, "This is good news. Trust me. Devious and unscrupulous at best; possible outright scam.

03:05 Thu 20 Feb 2020


Never leaves a message. Calls three to four times a day

18:12 Wed 19 Feb 2020


Seems like a Scam Personal Bussness Call No company Name

17:58 Wed 19 Feb 2020


I have recieved a text message from this number, however, I do not have it on my contacts list. Can't not pinpoint who is the person who sent the text. Hum!

16:46 Wed 19 Feb 2020


SS number scam called at 11.15 am

16:38 Wed 19 Feb 2020


legit caller

07:01 Wed 19 Feb 2020