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Latest Activity


They claim they are calling from Social Security Administration

18:49 Thu 28 May 2020


Foolish little fairytale tune played while I paid to listen with my cell minutes. This caller is running some sort of spoofing scam. Call them and play some loud annoying music!

22:54 Wed 27 May 2020


The automated call said it was Verizon & my account was locked. I was given options to speak with someone or unlock my account. I see that this is from Sprint. Spam

18:14 Wed 27 May 2020


I picked up and then heard the line ringing. Probably redirecting to a call center.

17:51 Wed 27 May 2020


It's my girlfriend I'm trying to find out if she's cheating

16:13 Wed 20 May 2020


Didn't answer and they didn't leave a message

15:35 Wed 20 May 2020


Think this must be a robo number. When called back, number is ‘out of service’.

01:57 Wed 20 May 2020


Scammer selling bogus goods

19:26 Sat 16 May 2020


This number 301-837-6668 showed showed F D A as the caller.

21:20 Tue 12 May 2020


this # is written on a picture of an attractive Hispanic women Zoosk. When you click on her profile to write a message a screen comes up and says this person is no longer a Zooskster, continue your search. But the profile, and picture remain. I have run into a lot of scamming on this site. Hughey

05:30 Sun 10 May 2020


This man is dangerous. Ladies be aware. He is out for one thing and one thing only. He's the biggest scam. Chason Williams gave me an STD not just once but twice. He doesn't care who's next

10:42 Fri 08 May 2020


This number is used by scammers asking about Medicare Cards. Do not use words such as, yes, no, or confirm your identity. Your responses are probably recorded to use words that they can use to establish accounts or confirm financial information.The caller ID will appear as ATT, this is incorrect and can be changed by the scumbags.

18:01 Thu 07 May 2020


407-531-8267 called 1 May 2020 at 11:42am. Silent Robocaller.

17:37 Tue 05 May 2020


561-771-8017 called 5 May 2020 at 1:16pm. Silent Robocaller.

17:30 Tue 05 May 2020


904-849-9094 called 4 May 2020 12:08pm. Robocaller

17:10 Tue 05 May 2020


Text says I have money to claim - don't think so!

13:30 Mon 04 May 2020


Repeated Han-up, no message

23:00 Thu 30 Apr 2020


Know no one there in hayden,az.

18:17 Thu 30 Apr 2020